Denisa Kurtagić 

 Denisa Kurtagić 

Cyber Threat Analyst, Ministry of Defense of Montenegro

Denisa attended University of Montenegro, Faculty of Law. She holds master degree in Criminal Law. 

Currently, Denisa is a leading Cyber Threat Analyst at the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro. She is responsible for cyber threat intelligence production for the Minister of Defense, General Staff and accordingly to the National Security Council. She is a member of National Cyber Operation Team, CTI group. Additionally, she acts as national PoC with NATO for Cyber Counterintelligence matters. 

Previously Denisa worked at the Montenegro NSA where she held several positions from 2013 to 2021, including National Inspector for the security of classified information. During this period, she was appointed as national Security Officer in NATO Headquarters in Brussels as national specialist, from 2015 to 2019. During her tenure ship in NATO, Denisa gained extensive knowledge and practices in cyber security and acted as PoC for cyber intelligence between NATO and national authorities of Monetenegro. 

In 2020, Denisa was awarded with the Fellowship in Cybersecurity at Cranfield University in United Kingdom. She holds numerous certificates in field of cybersecurity. 

Other than this, Denisa is proven expert in field of security and protection of NATO classified information, and she is a trainer for the matter both on national level and for NATO partner nations on behalf of NATO.