2023 e-Governance Conference: Asking the right questions without rush, with care

The 2023 e-Governance Conference comes to an end, and all our on-site guests are making their way back to all different corners of the world. Yet again, three days in Tallinn brought together – for the 9th time this year – policymakers, experts, and innovators to explore how digital transformation is shaping the future of governance […]

Podcast & blog: Thinking about the past and future of digital transformation

The upcoming book by e-Governance Academy, “Twenty Years of Building Digital Societies”, brings into focus the role that digitalization played in Estonia, in the countries eGA has collaborated with – and what such expertise adds to the digital development strategies of countries worldwide. Vision, sustainability, people, security. We take the long view here, in a publication […]

Data policy in the era of artificial intelligence

The ongoing conversation and development around artificial intelligence are bringing data policy back into the spotlight, as we will explore in a dedicated session at the e-Governance Conference 2023. Perhaps it’s also a signal, an indicator of how much work and care is needed before AI starts convincingly scaling to the public sector. Because while […]

How to constantly develop and improve digital services

Not just talks and panels, at the upcoming 2023 e-Governance Conference. As always, we didn’t forget about the practical side of things – workshops. One of them will focus on the design of public digital services. Designing and re-imagining public services takes effort and knowledge, but it becomes less intimidating when expert show how much […]

The co-organizers of the e-Governance Conference are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ESTDEV

The e-Governance Academy (eGA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Estonian Center for International Development Cooperation (ESTDEV) signed a cooperation agreement for the organization of the e-Governance Conference in the years 2023 – 2025. The purpose of the cooperation is to discuss Estonia’s foreign policy goals and international development cooperation topics in the conference […]

Digital vulnerability cannot be fixed in a boardroom

Nothing about us, without us. From the foundational principle of representative democracy to an inclusive approach to service design. The journey of this quote is long and spans across centuries, but gains renewed relevance today – when digitalization is ubiquitous, and public services must be designed for all, not just the ‘most’. Margus J. Klaar […]