Dumitru Alaiba

Dumitru Alaiba

Vice Prime Minister for Economic Development and Digital Transformation of Moldova

Dumitru Alaiba is an economist and Project Manager, strongly committed to the values of freedom, democracy and human rights. He has 20 years’ experience in Moldovan and international politics, government and civic society.

He started his career in international consulting. Having worked in Finland, Latvia, Romania, and Austria, he returned home in 2009 to join the government. He then founded the Prime Minister’s Economic Council and he lead business climate reforms.

In late 2015, he decided he did not want to be part of an increasingly corrupt and authoritarian government, so he resigned and joined civic society instead.

Between 2016-2019, Dumitru founded and lead CPR Moldova. This NGO promotes transparency and human rights, defends Moldovan democracy, resists oligarchic state capture and fights corruption. 

Having decided that CPR Moldova was the most important commitment for him, he put his economics interest to one side for a few years.

In 2019, he accepted then Prime Minister Maia Sandu’s invitation to join him in the parliamentary elections. Dumitru was duly elected as a Member of Parliament in 2019 and he chaired the Economy, Budget and Finance Parliamentary Committee.

In November 2022 he was appointed as a Cabinet Minister.