Kristi Kivilo

Kristi Kivilo

Senior Expert on Smart Governance, eGA

Kristi Kivilo is an Senior Expert on Smart Governance at the e-Governance Academy.

Kristi worked for more than 15 years in planning, building and executing basic and expert level digital skills programs and projects that help to develop young people and adult learners. She believes that we will only benefit from digital solutions when people have the digital skills needed to use these resources. And we will have better digital solutions and services when we know better how to build them.

From 2019 to 2022 as Digital Skills Coordination Director at the Estonian GCIO Office at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications she was responsible for opening Digital Academy – an e-learning environment for the public sector.

Kristi worked in Vaata Maailma SA/Look@World Foundation from 2007 to 2019. Foundation focused on increasing digital skills and had a strong and proven competence in organising large-scale ICT training and awareness-raising projects. In 2009-2011 (also in 2002-2004) the Foundation provided training for more than 100,000 people (10% of the adult population) through the “Come Along!” project, which aimed to teach the participants digital skills – how to use computers, internet, e-services and ID-card. Also, over 400 000 people started using Estonian electronic ID-card for authentication and digital signature – in 2006 only 20 000 Estonians used ID-card electronically. Foundation also ran a charity program to donate used computers to those in need.From 2009 approximately 3000 used computers were refurbished and given out to charity organisations all over Estonia.

Since 2012 the Foundation also started and run a network of afterschool ICT hobby groups, NutiLabor/SmartLabs, and by 2019 more than 5000 kids participated in those activities.

Kristi was a co-founder and Executive Director of the Estonian STEM Education Union from 2016 to 2019, an umbrella organisation for everyone contributing to in non-formal STEM education in Estonia. She was also responsible for developing – website for STEM and IT-related after school activities for kids all over Estonia.

She obtained her MBA from Tallinn University of Technology.

Kristi speaks Estonian and English.

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    Capacity-building as a driver for change