Yurii Kopytin

Yurii Kopytin

Senior IT Expert on Interoperability and Information Security, eGA

Yurii Kopytin has been working as a Senior IT Expert on Interoperability and Information Security at the e-Governance Academy since 2015. Since October 2020, Yurii has been leading the cybersecurity component of the EU4DigitalUA project.

He has ten years of experience in building information protection systems and five years of experience in designing and implementing interoperability systems.

He was responsible for the design, development, introduction and implementation of the Trembita data exchange platform in Ukraine, conducting cyber exercises, development recommendations on cyber threat exchange. Moreover, he has conducted training courses on the interoperability of governmental information systems in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia.

Yurii has also expertise in software lifecycle management, which commonly includes the drafting of regulatory and legal acts for nation-wide information systems, of e-services, of web services for state registries, the integration of Ukrainian cryptography, development of information security management systems.

Yurii was actively involved in teaching, in addition to scientific and research activities in the fields of information protection and cybersecurity, at the O.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications. He is the author of more than 20 research publications.

Yurii graduated from the O.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications with a Master’s Degree in the Unauthorized Access System Protection and Information Security Engineer speciality.