Trinidad Wiseman


Trinidad Wiseman is the Premier leading Estonian UX/UI design, and service design-focused digital transformation company and has been building a smart future for humans for over 15 years.  

We are renowned specialists in creating Digital Government e-Services since 2007 and have completed over 1000+ digital projects in various areas like Healthcare, Social Services, Education & Science, Finance & Insurance, Transportation, Logistics, Real Estate, e-Election, Police systems, e-Commerce etc.

We have worked on the National Social Insurance Board Information System, one of Estonia’s largest information systems (over 300M transactions annually). Our development experience spans the depth of security-critical information systems throughout all public sector departments.

We helped develop the first proactive government e-service in Estonia.

We have built a complete e-government platform where you can register virtually as a resident or e-resident, set up a business, perform arbitration and tax-related activities, and consume several other services.

Our company is the digital transformation and service design partner of many large EU institutions such as EFSA, Eurofound, Publications Office, and ACER. We work globally across Europe and the Middle-East to Brazil and USA.


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