Trust with innovation and cutting-edge technology. Our technology is in your national documents, payment cards, connected devices and even in the transactions you carry out.

Recognizing and legitimizing you is our daily work!

With 65 years of experience around the world, we have built a very strong legacy that continues to grow. In Brazil, we are the largest issuer of national identification documents. Valid is the fifth-largest producer of SIM Cards in the world, and it is among the world’s ten largest manufacturers of banking cards.

A lot is yet to come.

We are building a digital and inclusive society and investing in the development of technologies that embrace the entire ID ecosystem, which are fundamental pillars of this journey.

Together with state governments, the main protagonist of this transformation, we want citizens to have the best experience with digital government services, which is reflected in experiences that generate more convenience, security and transparency.

Valid. Trust is Power.

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