Day 1

Hannes Astok - Opening Words

Kaja Kallas - Keynote: E-governance is a question of building up democracy

Luukas Kristjan Ilves - Keynote: Building personalized government in Estonia

Discussion of Kaja Kallas, Luukas Ilves, Hannes Astok: Building personalized government

Mykhailo Fedorov - Keynote: Building digital resilience

Dumitru Alaiba - Keynote: Fostering citizen engagement for a prosperous and inclusive future & the role of the government

Presentations and discussion: Digital vulnerability cannot be fixed in a boardroom

Presentations and discussion: Capacity-building as a driver for change

Workshop by Estonian ICT Cluster: ToughEST lessons of digitalization

Panel discussion: The collaborative road to innovation: Case studies from Africa

Case studies: Case studies from Estonia & Ukraine: Enablers of digital government & government in the smartphone

Mstyslav Banik - Case study from Ukraine: government in the smartphone

Yurii Kopytin - Case study from Ukraine: Enablers of digital government

Oksana Grechko - Case study from Ukraine: Coping with digital vulnerability

Kristina Mänd - Key conclusions of the conference day 1

Day 2

Rini Widyantini - Indonesia's digital transformation: Bureaucracy reform for impactful change

Panel discussion: How does digital innovation boost social and economic change

Presentations and discussion: Data deluge – do we control data, or does data control us

Panel discussion: Cybersecurity and the citizen

Ilson Bressan, Murilo Lico & Marten Kaevats – From challenges to opportunities-digital transformation in the Brazilian government

Fernando Santos & Brenda Braga - Interoperability and digital transformation challenges across states in Brazil

Keynote and panel discussion: Teaching public service in a digital age

Panel discussion: Crisis-proofing the digital society

Hannes Astok, Kristina Mänd – Key conclusions of the conference

EXPO interviews

NRD Companies interview

Tilde interview

SK ID Solutions interview

X-VIA Tecnologia interview

Digital Ukraine interview

Typo3 interview